the most popular slow rock song of all time
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The Most Popular Slow Rock Song Of All Time

The most popular slow rock song of all time – music is arguably one of human’s needs.

Everyone in the world is surely happy with music, with various musical genres and tastes of each listener.

There are so many genres of music in the world of music, so many of them, it can’t even be explained one by one.

On this occasion we will discuss some of the most popular slow rock music even today. Slow rock music is still very well known and loved.

Where slow rock music is known for its very deep lyrics plus the vocalist’s distinctive voice with its characteristic slow rock sound.

Most of the slow rock songs are about love lyrics, love songs that can make people feel like they are feeling what is happening to someone in the song’s lyrics.

But not a few also slow rock songs with daily lyrics and also about social.

Slow rock love song in the 80s to 90s is still very much sung by newcomers.

As we usually see on YouTube channel with various arrangements, and slow rock cover songs that give a new nuance in discussing the world.

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Here are some of the bands with the most popular slow rock songs of all time that are timeless and very much loved from various circles of easy to adult children.

the most popular slow rock song of all time

Queen – a band that is very well known today with its most famous song Love of my life and many other songs.

the most popular slow rock song of all time

Aerosmith – a band characterized by vocalists with a rocky sound, one of the best known songs is I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing and of course there are still many more of the band’s best songs.

Next is the slow rock band

Guns N 'Roses

Guns N ‘Roses – a band from Los Angeles, California who entered the biggest slow rock band in the world in 1991-1992. One of the most famous songs is November Rain and there are still many songs that are very pleasant to hear.

Bon jovi

Bon jovi – a slow rock band that is also very popular until now, with lots of cool songs to hear, one of the admin’s favorite songs is Santa fe.


Mettalica – one of its popular songs: Nothing Else Matters.

Extreme – one of its popular songs: More than words.

Scorpions – one of its popular songs: Wind of Change.

Mr. Big – one of his popular songs: To Be With You.

Firehouse – one of its popular songs: I Live My Life for You.

White Lion – one of its popular songs: You’re All I Need.

Rod Stewart – one of his popular songs: I don’t want to talk about it.

Steel heart – one of its popular songs: She, s gone.

Europe – one of its popular songs: Carrie.

Eagles – one of its popular songs: Hotel California.

Helloween – one of its popular songs: Forever and One.

4 non blondes – one of its popular songs: What’s up ?.

The above are just a few of the bands we discussed and we will discuss in more detail in the next article.

Music is believed to provide a pleasure for those who listen to it.

This variety of music can accompany our busy life such as working, driving on the road, accompanying them when they are relaxed.

The most popular slow rock song articles of all time. Stay tuned for articles that we will update on the next occasion.


at a glance the track record of a teresa de sio

at a glance the track record of a teresa de sio

at a glance the track record of a teresa de sio

at a glance the track record of a teresa de sio – Teresa De Sio, born in Naples, reckless state of mind, muscular folk music style, has been making records for years.

It is free, independent, innovative and experimental. Her albums, in fact, even those with the majors (two and a half million copies sold), she has always decided on her own, wanted with determination and self-produced. Since 2004, it has also published them through its own independent label, the C.O.R.E., founded in the early 2000s, by withdrawing from the contracts of the multinationals, in exchange for the guarantee of absolute artistic freedom.

Teresa covers every single role foreseen by the recording mechanism: in addition to composing, arranging and recording each of her new records, she decides when to publish it and what songs will be there, what graphics to use, what photos and what activities to bring it to the public. .

She loves to present herself as a folksinger yes, but as an author: “… folk music is the rock of the people. With folk you learn to respect the men and women of our world, to recognize their past and thanks to that look to the future.

my teachers were and will remain Matteo Salvatore, Domenico Modugno, the Cantors of Carpino, musicians who live music as an extension of their existence, champions of oral tradition.

discography and events

Between 1999 and 2000: it is the year of the realization of the project “The night of the dancing god”, of which Teresa De Sio is artistic director and which sees the participation of artists such as Daniele Sepe, Vinicio Capossela, Pantarei, Nidi D’Arac, Birth of the Heavy Clouds…. It contains the unreleased single “Salta Salta” presented in national preview at the concert on May 1st in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, filmed live by Rai 3. It will then be filmed in July with six concerts made in the major Italian festivals: more than three hours of live music, from the roots of popular music to technological contamination. A long night to dance, between flying guitars and sampled loops passing through some of the most significant musical realities in Italy today. A tribute to one of the most important Italian cultural traditions: the taranta and its place of origin, the Gargano.

The arrival of the adventure “CRAJ (Tomorrow)”: “Craj” is a word that in all southern dialects means “tomorrow”, but, in the mind of Teresa De Sio, it is a musical / theatrical fresco of a journey in the land of Puglia, in search of the roots. Teresa writes the plot by inventing two characters: Messer Floridippo and his servant Bimbascione. Involves Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, charismatic voice of the PGR, a unique personality, perfect for the character of Floridippo. “Craj” is a show dedicated to the great old people of Apulian popular music, the pillars of popular music, the undisputed masters of all time. “A show of devotion” as he likes to call it, made with a special love for the singers of Carpino, Uccio Aloisi and Matteo Salvatore, these indomitable octogenarians who remained to watch over the tradition. The success, both by the public and by critics, is absolute: the show, which is not just music, nor theater, nor happening, but all this together, is produced in eight event dates, from Turin and Milan, to Bologna and Ancona, in Lecce and Rome. Four stages, a village festival setting, thirty-six people between musicians and production, a horse, Toledo, to enter the scene. The show captures the attention of Gianluca Arcopinto and Luisa Pistoia and the next step is to turn it into a film directed by Davide Marengo.

Next song title

To the South, the South of the World: It is titled “A Sud! South!”. It is the powerful return to the roots of popular music. The disc, released in the winter, is a triumph of live awards, from theaters to summer festivals, in a crescendo of prizes and confirmations of a newfound love, dormant and never forgotten. Teresa is a guest with Raiz and Stewart Copeland at the “Night of the Taranta” in 2005, in the city of Melpignano in front of a hundred thousand people in delirium. In 2006 the long trail of “A Sud A Sud” continues with a new tour in the most important festivals. In addition, the film “Craj” obtains many awards (the “Libero Bizzarri” and the “Opera Prima Award” in Venice, enters the five for Davide di Donatello) and is also presented in France, where Teresa also participates with acoustic concerts.

Winter 2006 and the first months of 2007 are the time of writing of the new CD which, released in spring, is published in June 2007: “Sacco e Fuoco”, The work contains, among others, a piece, “Amèn “, Sound mix between Naples and Jamaica, between tarantella and reggae, which tells the blood and senseless violence and too tolerated by all those who every day obscure and devastate the splendor of Naples and who, together with” I don’t hold fear “, will have a strong success also on the radio.


But 2008 is also important for the publication of “RIDDIM A SUD”, the new project that sees De Sio creator of what she herself presents thus: “The wind that moves RIDDIM-A SUD is the wind of the strong need for sharing music and exchange of creative energies. For this project I drew inspiration, as indeed the title itself reveals, from a “modality” of Jamaican music in which the same “base” created by a particular artist for his own piece, is then reused by other singers and composers who in turn they recreate a new melody and a new text and therefore a completely different song. The ambition is to introduce this custom in Italian popular music and, in particular, in folk music by the author. In fact, our popular music, the one most tied to the “roots”, is already moving in this direction. For example, anyone who reinterprets a “pizzica” or a “tarantella” by Carpino cannot ignore the use of a “riddim” of tambourine, guitar and violin that are codified by tradition. Making your music circulate, making it available to other musicians and stimulating their imagination is a true project of interactive creativity and productivity. ” The CD brings together some of the most interesting and creative names of the Italian folk and folk-rock music scene, from the south and beyond, from Roy Paci to Apres la Classe, from Sparagna to Agricantus, from Peppe Voltarelli to Raiz, from Mau Mau to Geneva of Marco, with the addition of four emerging musicians chosen through the network: Nicodemo, La Resistance, Manekà and Paolo Lizzadro. All these musicians used Teresa De Sio’s bases of songs and reworked them to the point of writing a new composition. The results are truly excellent and the decision to make concerts is spontaneous: 6 major festivals host the production of “RIDDIMM A SUD LIVE” in summer 2009: from Imola for the Music Festival, in Rome to Villa Ada Meet the World, at the closure for the white night of Roseto degli Abruzzi in front of 50,000 people ready to dance for three hours of great music.


There is no Heaven on Earth, but we can do our part: Also in November SACCO E FUOCO DELUXE is released, a version consisting of 2 CDs: the first with the songs by Sacco and Fuoco and the second with a live played acoustically for the Patchanka program, Radio Popolare and the Salumeria della Musica for Lifegate: the songs live in a new guise and possess the magnificent energy of the trio (with Max Rosati on guitars, Giuseppe De Trizio on mandolin and Her al violin, as well as Teresa’s voice and guitar). In addition, the CD contains the unpublished little jewel that could not be published by the author: “’ O Paraviso ‘n Terra”, written by Teresa for RAIZ, rearranged and reworked in a formidable portrait of “its” sound. The song is made a video, shot on film with the direction of Giuseppe Gagliardi and made with “zero impact”, with the system of photovoltaic panels, an ecological topic that is very close to the artist’s heart. The video was previewed on TG3’s “Night Line” by the Director Antonio di Bella and then on “Scalo 76”, the RaiDue program


At the end of 2009 Teresa published her first novel and did it for the prestigious Einaudi publishing house. The book is received with great favor by the public and critics. Teresa widens her sphere of interests with the languages ​​that intertwine with each other and so music, literature and theater, find a perfect synthesis with the realization of the show / concert “Reading Put the Devil to Dance”, assisted by the strong temperament of the Salentine actor Ippolito Chiarello and the three musicians, who have long been part of his group (Her, Upapadia and Egidio Marchitelli) who fill the scene with a magmatic presence.

In spring 2010 the book won the Rapallo Carige prize for best first work and some of the most important literary festivals present the show every time with a full house. The evident success leads Teresa to decide to continue Reading also for the winter of 2011.

OCTOBER 2011, “EVERYTHING CHANGES”, THE NEW CD: And in the autumn of 2011 Teresa finally released her new record work: “EVERYTHING CHANGES”. After just over three years from the previous CD “Sacco E Fuoco”, Teresa de Sio returned to the recording room for an unreleased record. Between “Sacco E Fuoco” and “Tutto Cambia” many things happened and Teresa’s volcanic activity brought the fruits of a first novel (“Put the Devil to Dance”, for Einaudi) and the publication of “O Paraviso N Terra ”, Written together with Raiz, in addition, of course, to the numerous participation in the most important festivals in Italy and to tours in Europe (France and Germany) and in America (New York).

A summer tour of the most important Italian festivals in the summer of 2011 allowed us to break in the new songs. To make the forerunner the single “National Anthem”, written by Luca Carboni in 1995, reinterpreted and rearranged by Teresa today in a strong and personal way. Perfect for this year of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. At a time when you can finally see strong signs of a musical and cultural renaissance, De Sio has recorded ten new songs, written half in Italian and half in Neapolitan dialect, which she considers to all intents and purposes a poetic language of exception.

2012/2013: BETWEEN BOOK AND MUSIC: A winter tour that started in December in his Naples and ended in February 2012 in Turin, presented to the public “Tutto Cambia” in a very powerful electroacoustic set.


In early June Teresa De Sio is invited to Bangkok to participate in one of the most important ethnic festivals in Thailand. Then start again on the summer tour with the songs taken from the new CD, from the single “I never sleep all night”, in air play on the most important radio stations in Italy, to the surprising Italian version of the song by Mercedes Soza, “Everything Change ”, To the reworking of Fabrizio de André in Neapolitan dialect of“ Creuza De Ma ”, without forgetting the painting of our company“ Basso Impero ”, already reported by journalists in all the reviews, alongside a powerful and energetic live production, with a deadly version of “Tammurriata Nera”.

Once the tour is over Teresa returns to devote herself to writing her second book, which is scheduled to be released in the autumn of 2014.

collaborating with several singers

2014: Between Christmas 2013 and the first days of 2014, Teresa is invited by Pino Daniele to be part of “Napule è tutto nata history”, five concerts at the Palapartenope in Naples. The occasion is golden for the six thousand people who fill the space every evening: Teresa and Pino together, singing and playing “Voglia ‘e Turnà”, “Quanno Chiove”, without nostalgia, but with warmth and affection, as if time had never passed. The emotion is always very high. And Teresa takes this into account.

This is how a new adventure matures in the first months of the new year: a tour with those songs that Teresa hasn’t sung for more than twenty years: a gift to the public who wants to come back and listen to “Voglia ‘e turnà”, “Marzo”, Piano and voice “,” Aumm Aumm “,” O sun goes away “,” Dindimbò “. And even more from those three jewels that are “On Earth On The Moon”, “Teresa De Sio” and “Three”, the lucky works of the eighties. Refined atmospheres and engaging lyrics revisited in an authoritative way thanks also to the use of a band of extraordinary musicians who give new light to the songs, without affecting their nature.…

Teresa sings Pino

Teresa sings Pino

Teresa sings Pino

Teresa sings Pino – 5 years after her last album, Teresa De Sio returns with a new recording project.

Teresa sings Pino comes out on 13 January (produced by Luisa Pistoia and Carlo Gavaudan for Sosia & Pistoia  and by Teresa De Sio / distributed by Universal Music), an “act of devotion” by the Neapolitan artist to Pino Daniele.

Where Pino Daniele is one of the famous musicians with songs that are very popular.

I am very happy and proud to be able to sing songs from the legend of our musicians, said Teresa De Sio.

Some time ago we and the team started preparing, of course, to be able to perform at their best in this musical event and we also hope that it will work without problems.

I am also very grateful to colleagues and friends, because I was helped by a great team to do it.

collaboration of songs

On this record, Teresa De Sio’s musical world merges with that of Pino Daniele.

giving new life to some historical songs by the Neapolitan singer-songwriter.

without distorting them but immersing them in Teresa’s typically folk-rock sounds.

Teresa sings Pino contains 15 pieces by Pino Daniele.

from Scarrafone to Tutto n’ata Storia from Quanno Chiove to Notte che si va, reinterpreted in a personal key by Teresa De Sio, and a unpublished piece, jammone, or the boss”.

written by Teresa herself in memory of her friend and colleague who has passed away, always seen as the greatest Neapolitan artist.

Various circles of Neapolitan music are also very favorable to the event to sing songs by Pino that they appreciate.

They continue to provide support and want to immediately attend the event that will soon be held, by the singer and musician, yes: Teresa De Sio.

All media have also started to cover the activities we are preparing, such as Neapolitan music media, online music media and so on.

“We look forward to the continuous development of this preparation and we are very happy,” said a group of Neapolitan music artists.…

The new album Teresa sings Pino

The new album Teresa sings Pino

The new album Teresa sings Pino

The new album Teresa sings Pino – New project by Teresa De Sio: a disc and a live tour dedicated to Pino Daniele.

The musician who passed away in 2015 had already written for her Nanninella.

After the disappearance of his friend and colleague, Teresa De Sio composed O jammone for him.

Together on the Palapartenope stage in 2013 they had sung Voglia ‘e turna and Napule è.

Now the singer-songwriter is ready to reinterpret Daniele’s songs in the project “Teresa canta Pino”.

The songs have already been selected and arrangements are now being made.

Then from autumn we will move on to record production and the distribution of concerts (scheduled in spring).

For me this is a devotional project. Pino is on people’s faces, on the facade of buildings, on the streets. We can not greet him except with music.

update song

Various preparations have been made to renew the song, such as the notes that will be sung by Teresa.

There will be some changes like in the intro and back cover with more modern music like the current color of the music.

The team also made preparations such as rehearsals before the concert to be held on the day of the specified schedule.

I am very happy to be able to bring songs of this musician that we can remember together with other music lovers.

everyone knows the songs of the famous Pino Daniele and liked them very much from various circles.

This very famous musician from 1975 to 2015 continues to be known by music lovers.

the musical genre is very similar to genre, blues, jazz, Neapolitan song, pop rock and funk.

A self-taught guitarist who started his singing career and managed to bring him to become a famous musician in his day.

He is an exceptional person in the search for his dream in the world of singing. the song was proven to be very popular with local and overseas people.

Here are some reasons why Pino Daniele’s song will be sung again by a singer and musician who is also very famous, right? Teresa De Sio.…