Teresa sings Pino

Teresa sings Pino

Teresa sings Pino

Teresa sings Pino – 5 years after her last album, Teresa De Sio returns with a new recording project.

Teresa sings Pino comes out on 13 January (produced by Luisa Pistoia and Carlo Gavaudan for Sosia & Pistoia  and by Teresa De Sio / distributed by Universal Music), an “act of devotion” by the Neapolitan artist to Pino Daniele.

Where Pino Daniele is one of the famous musicians with songs that are very popular.

I am very happy and proud to be able to sing songs from the legend of our musicians, said Teresa De Sio.

Some time ago we and the team started preparing, of course, to be able to perform at their best in this musical event and we also hope that it will work without problems.

I am also very grateful to colleagues and friends, because I was helped by a great team to do it.

collaboration of songs

On this record, Teresa De Sio’s musical world merges with that of Pino Daniele.

giving new life to some historical songs by the Neapolitan singer-songwriter.

without distorting them but immersing them in Teresa’s typically folk-rock sounds.

Teresa sings Pino contains 15 pieces by Pino Daniele.

from Scarrafone to Tutto n’ata Storia from Quanno Chiove to Notte che si va, reinterpreted in a personal key by Teresa De Sio, and a unpublished piece, jammone, or the boss”.

written by Teresa herself in memory of her friend and colleague who has passed away, always seen as the greatest Neapolitan artist.

Various circles of Neapolitan music are also very favorable to the event to sing songs by Pino that they appreciate.

They continue to provide support and want to immediately attend the event that will soon be held, by the singer and musician, yes: Teresa De Sio.

All media have also started to cover the activities we are preparing, such as Neapolitan music media, online music media and so on.

“We look forward to the continuous development of this preparation and we are very happy,” said a group of Neapolitan music artists.

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