The new album Teresa sings Pino

The new album Teresa sings Pino

The new album Teresa sings Pino

The new album Teresa sings Pino – New project by Teresa De Sio: a disc and a live tour dedicated to Pino Daniele.

The musician who passed away in 2015 had already written for her Nanninella.

After the disappearance of his friend and colleague, Teresa De Sio composed O jammone for him.

Together on the Palapartenope stage in 2013 they had sung Voglia ‘e turna and Napule รจ.

Now the singer-songwriter is ready to reinterpret Daniele’s songs in the project “Teresa canta Pino”.

The songs have already been selected and arrangements are now being made.

Then from autumn we will move on to record production and the distribution of concerts (scheduled in spring).

For me this is a devotional project. Pino is on people’s faces, on the facade of buildings, on the streets. We can not greet him except with music.

update song

Various preparations have been made to renew the song, such as the notes that will be sung by Teresa.

There will be some changes like in the intro and back cover with more modern music like the current color of the music.

The team also made preparations such as rehearsals before the concert to be held on the day of the specified schedule.

I am very happy to be able to bring songs of this musician that we can remember together with other music lovers.

everyone knows the songs of the famous Pino Daniele and liked them very much from various circles.

This very famous musician from 1975 to 2015 continues to be known by music lovers.

the musical genre is very similar to genre, blues, jazz, Neapolitan song, pop rock and funk.

A self-taught guitarist who started his singing career and managed to bring him to become a famous musician in his day.

He is an exceptional person in the search for his dream in the world of singing. the song was proven to be very popular with local and overseas people.

Here are some reasons why Pino Daniele’s song will be sung again by a singer and musician who is also very famous, right? Teresa De Sio.

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